Monday, December 2, 2013

December for us ;)

Hello December!!
How fast time flies.we're 29 days to 2014 already! 2014 would be a prominent yr, then.we'll see how things would b then :)

Finally we decided to send Iman to school. it would be 8am-12pm. And he will go back to kakwan's place.afterwards. Yeay! Im so excited! Bur we have'nt gotten iman's school uniform stay tuned!
Iman will attend Tadika Arif Minda, as I think the module and teachers and also infrastructure is better than Lil Caliph and Dzul Iman in our place ;) I will definitely blog about this soon.

Beg sekolah baru.Pencil colors dpt sekolah bg.

Weekends are always special to me :) This week, we had some house projects, and some bread making too. This was mommy's first trial.but it turned out quite nice.Yeay!! Mommy just added raisins and sugar using the donut recipe.maybe next time mommy will add some bread softener as the recipe requires to see how it works :)

Iman's new favorite. Berebut dua beradik ni mkn :)

Alhamdulillah naik kembang molek. tp xbrp lembut dlm. nanti kita try guna bread improver :)

It was quite a wet weekend, so we cancelled our outdoor plans and stayed home to relax instead. So no jom heboh or pesta bola bola proton for us.Just some House projects, playing and having indoor fun :) Just spending some good family time and of course tidur :)

Payah sgt nk amek gambar tau adik amsyar nihh..

Iman's trial to do a "peace" signage. hihihi

You wanna have some?

Amsyar and daddy. 

Masak kampung. ikan bakaq.sambal sutun.

Family first..always fun just to hang around together, doing house projects, home cooking and all.

So..How was yours?

May this week be better for all of us compared to previous weeks! Move your butts and work y'all! It's already the last month of the year.

Mommy Z

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