Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello there!

Nothing beats a nice loooooooooooong stay at home holiday! Yeay!!

Did you miss me? :)
:p :P  :p

Plenty of things done all these 5days..and still plenty more to do.
Well, life and plans are always unpredictable when you have two boys around.The moment you finished mopping, somebody coughs and accidentally throw out his whole lunch 15 mins before on the floor. The minute you just started to knead some dough, some lil guy poos..hehehe.But that's the colour of life.

Every morning Iman will ask what's for breakfast. And could he have a mug of milo as well?
Well mommy would be glad to whip anything on demand if the ingredients were available. Scramble eggs with toast, nasi goreng, donuts, cekodok, just name it. His favorite still will be bare plain pasta. No sauce, only boiled with a pinch of salt served with solf boiled eggs :) My boy. Amsyar of course roti cecah milo. Every morning, he would want roti cecah milo. That witty boy. I missed them dearly just typing all this.Sigh.

On Friday, the electricity was out in our house. In fact the whole neighborhood at sharp half past nine. So we wore sweaters and decided to have a stroll outside, in the car of course. Driving along we reached Dataran Shah Alam adjacent to the mosque. A wide open spread grass land with great lighting and families just hanging out around. It just hit me that we have not done that in 4yrs already.

Hubby said great memories were created here before. It was one of our best dating meeting spot before. One confessed that one of the reasons he married me, was because i could cook.Ha? ok baru tahu setelah nearly four years hooked. Ok lah when i could distinguish mana halia mana lengkuas. Mana jintan manis, jintan putih. jintan hitam :p He never expects engineer garang mcm sy boleh masak. what?? Then he asked if i could make him some cream puffs tomorrow? Ok daddy..pandai yer bodek??? ;p

The story is that during our short courting phase..acheh mcm kelakar plak tulis courting phase.. i used to cook some dinner, packed them and brought them here with my dearie (friend then..) for a lil picnic after Isyak on working day nights. We talked and chat and eat and drank. And had some time to know more about each other or just gossip about ppl around the office or some hot celebs..and got home before the clock striked 12. Hahaha..dh mcm cinderella. But we did that almost every single working day. Weekends would be another story all around :) Hehehe

Alhmadulillah all the gossips and chit chats after isyak still happens still but now over dinner at home with two screaming lil boys.hahahaha.

We're going to be four by 2014!!

Just 2more days to new year 2014!
Iman's starting school sessions this coming Thursday!
Sooo.. yippee yeay yeay!!!

See you soon!
Sorry for the wild ramblings on a monday morning. i just can't help it.



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