Friday, December 20, 2013

BBWB13....and mommy on a friday evening..

Happy Friday mommies!
So how was your days in December, with all the gloomy weather now and then. Its quite gloomy outside now at 3pm in the evening, But its a bless rather than scorch hot sunny days.

It was raining really heavily yesterday evening and I was on MC with the boys at home. They were holding on my trousers almost at all times and lingered around closely due to the loud thunder. We turned off the TV and snoozed snuggled together for 2 hours..hahaha..that is what MC mommies do. Best of all, hubby cooked dinner when he came back while i lay down watching Pencetus Ummah.

Mommy needs her day off :)


Did you guys got the chance to set foot to Mines MIECC BBW recently?
The BigBadWolf Books galore i might say had ended, and i wished i had time for the 2nd trip, which i didn't. We managed to buy 25books all in all for my 2 boys which cost us a merely RM120 :)
A bummer eh? A jackpot hit i must say with all the books quite high in quality and hard covered (and hard pages as well) it was really a good bargain.

We went there on Dec,11th which was Selangor's public holiday at normal hours and was really excited. The crowd was there but manageable :)  A heaven to a book lover like me!! Alhmdulillah.

Next year for sure I'll come bringing a luggage case. With 2boys as hand luggage, there was a limit to what we could carry :)

In line to pay :) Iman's collection in one box Amsyar's in another

This one's a keeper. Hardcovered for only RM10 at the size of 9x9inch :)
Although the title might be a lil descriminating but, why not? Haahahahaaa..
I had turned the picture, but it stills publishes upside-down..aiyaa..!

These two are Iman's current favorites. Nice illustrations and cheecky wordings and quite suits his toilet training age. Why underpants mommy? Not underwear? I told him underpants and underwear are quite the same thing :) One book costed me RM5 :) Dying-ly cheapo!

Another favorite of Iman which costs me RM3 :)
The story of Woody. He reads this everyday as for now :)

Amsyar's favorite as for now :) Book with moveable eyes :) And also the whole collection this year! :)
Must go again next year for mommy's books as well :) Inshallah..


Can't wait for the weekends to come.
Mommy have some "Dinosaurs" making projects this weekend.

And some visiting to do on Sunday.
Iman and Amsyar is staying with Auntychik next monday and tuesday.
And Mommy is taking day offs from christmas till new year Yeay!!

And need some more prep for Iman's 1st day of school :)


The schoolboy to-be

Till then


mommy zahra

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