Monday, March 2, 2015

Resipi :: Simplest Brownies !

Hi lovelies!
Welcoming March with a resipi :)
Simple recipe as we like it


The ingredients :

10 tablespoon butter or oil or mixture of both
1 cup sugar (can use less if prefer)
2/3 cup Milo
3tbsp Cocoapowder
1/2 cup of flour
*1/2 cup of choc chips
*1/2 cup of nuts of choice
1tsp of vanilla essence


Mix everything except those marked (*).
Add in eggs.

then add in chocolate chips and nuts (walnuts would be nice)

Bake in 8x8 tray in 190degC for 20mins

I like mine thin and chewy.
Some like it thick and chunky.

And used some milo powder substituting the cocoapowder to make my brownies brown..eheh.
Your brownies..your choice :)

These babies were gone in 1 hour :)
Penangan boys at home :)

Happy Monday every body!

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jom terjah :)
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