Tuesday, March 3, 2015

La marchee! Welcome bulan Mac!!

Salam mommies! (and daddies too)

Assalamualaikum wbt


It's March 2015 already. 3/12 for 2015, countable as 1/4th betul tak.
And we're really moving on the fast lane over here :) There are really few things happening around and i've kinda have something they called as a mental block over here. sigh. 

Weekend was great as ever, and we've finished few baking projects together :) Boy, these two are really a handfull now. Full of energy from early suboh to dusk, they're really like energizer bunnies chasing out the sanity out of mommy by day. Amsyar is quite no longer a baby which gives me the freedom to do more things around and settle few projects in the house. He toddles around following Iman's every steps and repeats every words from Iman, which pretty much shows how much he adores his big brother :)

As for Iman, being already 4 years old had made him much more intelligent. Alhamdulillah he could slowly read and recognizes most of the arabic words from his Qiraati book, which quite made me happy. However, his english skills were not polished much, especially from school, but his ability for bi-language skills had improved. He can translate one word in both languages for quite an array of vocabulary especially for nouns(objects) and descriptions (big,small, thick, thin, tall, short, dirty, clean). That is good enough. I really dont like pushing, and believed in learning through play, so that much is adequate for a 4yr old for now. Alhmdulillah, his love for books had tripled, where now he could 'read' books by himself, re-telling stories i've read to him before :) Goodboy!

Just some concerns on his behavioral development, where i really don't like him to associate violence in his play. I don't know, maybe its just boys, they surely play rough! Having fist fights and being aggressive seems to be part of play. Is that really normal tho? Both seems to inherit the stubbornness from me, and the 'panas baran' from their father. I tried to keep to my senses and avoid raising my voice sometimes to the sense that i ended up crying in the bathroom, just to set up a good example for these two lil guys. Urghh! i kept telling myself that the boys are still young, and need all the love they can get at this stage..but there are times when u just feel like a failed mom and just have coffee and read your mags and let the toys fill up every inch of the living room. Then, come this cheeky smile bringing something to show you.

He just build a building for you.

" Mommy, amsyar buat ni.. (grin). Ni tower utk mommy. Mommy duduk sini (pointing to one block), daddy dok cini (pointing to another end)"

Hmmmmmmm..nice ya being a mom?
And when they're doing these together instead of declaring a war between ultramen nebius and ultramen taro.

Well, i think it's better for us to take it easy and fret not. Be happy and just enjoy life as it is. Do what you love to do and do it well. I tried to learn from people around me to appreciate life, and go with the flow and just do things as they come. But as human, we panicked. A lot. And that, for sure is not good. May Allah ease everything for us. And enjoy motherhood (and fatherhood) at its best. As time waits for no one, and childhood cannot be frozen.

Keep calm and eat brownies and worry less of what you cannot control.



worry not.pesanan penaja.

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