Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hello peeps! Its March school holidays!

Salam and Goodmorning lovelies!

How were your days? :)
School holidays have started kan? so yeay! Sb everyday is jammed free days. 2 days jemmed free so far. alhmdulillah :) Iman n amsyar well of course still needs to go to daycare at school. kesian, sebab mommy diorg bukan cikgu..nk buat mcmana :) But worry no more as we're going back balik kampung tonight! yeay!

I took 3 days off (18,19,20th) so that we can go back peacefully this time. and mashallah, LHDN claims are already banked-in. so, double joy yeay! Have you done yours? You should do it fast u know, its your money. Unless you need to pay rather than claim then that's a different story :)

Weekends was relaxing, tho me down w fever, but nevertheless we had such fun at home rearranging some furniture yeay! Just the usuals, but it is just nice to refreshen up our home once in a while :)

Alhmdulillah more good news for this week. Yesterday was one of my happiest day when i was reunited with this watch i lost 2 years ago while pumping milk for amsyar. This piece is not that mush expensive but holds a sentimental value for me i couldn't even put a price on it.Thank you Allah. It was there all the time in the surau. And they found it when the old racks were moved out from the surau for some painting work. Masyallah :) Rezeki comes it ways you least expected doesn't it?  

So farewell everyone! Pray for our safe journey inshallah back and fro our kampung.  Inshallah we'll go via the beautiful coast of Terengganu on the way back to watch some turtles y'all! :)

 See you all next week! (unless mommy is rajin enough to update via bloggeroid ;p). Take care everyone. 



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