Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello dearies..
Happy Monday indeed ya?

Hows your life lately? Fantastic as you planned or never as it should be?

I have nothing much to share today, but I was asked by a few friends about me self. Well girls, Let me be open and frank about this. 

I am 31 this year, dark toned skinned with never the 'supposed' to be figure all my life. But I didn't really took that seriously and took everything else damn seriously instead. And I just want to proof to you that if someone thinks looks, the scale and the freckles on your face is everything, just talk to someone else.

Swing you tailed feather girls and move on! That's how you do it!

Do what that matters most. And dance with pride with what you have rather than thinking of whatever you still don't have :)

Vivid memories of my high school kept coming on and off each time I send my lil bro to school. There are of course those bitter ones and hard days, but we all had moved on and go on with our own lifes. In high school days, i was no pretty girl but I kept to myself I will be two things : I will always try to be the clean girl, and the nicely smelt as well. Ahahaha.. School days, right? I was dark (darker then of course) and weighed 60kgs in my 163 height, and I graduated high school with few As and 3 ex-monkey boys. hahaha.

Sending off this boy last sunday.

The key is always the same : be yourself, be open, tell the truth and always smile. 

Walk the confident strike and stop worrying what other people think of you as that is what u cannot control.on the other hand, try to control and upgrade what you already have. If your not pretty, be the charming one. But all in all being the nice one is more always than not, remembered and loved by all, pretty or not.

Take care of yourself, love your lil ones and stop worrying everything in between the thread mill and the buffet spread. Live the way you're happy and the confidence will come naturally.





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