Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kita tidak miskin tp belum kaya lagi

Golongan pertengahan mcm kita.
Kita tidak miskin. Tp belum lg kaya.

This quote left me thinking that is quite true.

Betullah tu.

After submitting the E-BE LHDN annual taxation refund, I hoped that the money taken from me will be much benefitted into the needy. Have you submitted yours?

This cukai thing sometimes left me feeling that they're like robbers directly deducting money from our personal money. Our personal accounts. Without our will. I bet in Islamic ways this is haram. I was scrubbed out a great amount all year, and by the end i was nervous to even claim the money that was taken by force from me. And I have to keep 7yrs of receipts to prove to them this claimed money is mine. What?

But what to do so many people in this country non Muslims and Muslims as well are against the Islamic laws. Too many have robbers in their family and next of kin they're scared too many hands will be amputated. Sigh.

That's life ladies and gentlemen.

And those kg people, too lazy to work and wake up early to go to work, forks out yearly Br1m from the government. Yeah.. I know few who r like this. And so many more who really deserves the money. Berubahlah kpd yg lebih baik. Yg masih muda, belajarlah bersungguh sungguh.

Get real. Get knowledge. Please.
And then can talk some more.


Browsing through a preloved website.

Mommy : Iman cantik tak yang ini? Iman suka tak mommy belikan OK?
Iman : Iman rasa yg ada tali la hebat mommy. Kalau mommy nk beli beli yg ada tali.

Mommy : mcm ni ke?
Iman : Haaaaaa....yg mcm ni la mommy.Baru hebat!


Dah pandai berpesyen anakanda bertuah seorg ini ..habislah mommy!



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