Sunday, March 22, 2015

KL- KB - QBer - Kuantan - KL

Salam lovelies :)

Its a lovely Sunday in the east coast n school is already starting. We're starting our day in terengganu darul Iman today :)

Such a nice short blk kg trip to rewind alhmdulillah. Tho it is really scorching hot these days in the east coast, we had the chance to do almost everything in plan alhmdulillah. Work was really heating me up last few weeks but alhamdulillah we've made it through. For us, each designers, each car each model are our babies nurtured from zero. But it really takes a team to make a model a success. There are even some exterior designs that I don't agree to like the headlamps,the steering the metercombi, the colors etc.

Being on the insider or the mechanical designer of the car, there's not quite many things we could complaint of the physical appearance which relates to a totally different dept :) I am still proud of what Malaysians could achieve and produce but to those not really into the business with two feets dirty, the excitement is not that much. Some of even our staffs had never driven or test drive some of our products post launch and had the guts of telling what's good and what's not :p But that's normal. People are still people. Things they do not own are the most valued :p

Mechanical designer. Yups, that's what I do here. And when people ask how things are here, in my dept, design decision is in our the job satisfaction of what you do is really in abundance :) Malaysian made n Malaysian decided are things that we could really be proud of, betul kan? But if ur not in the team, and your job becomes a routine and pay is what you're looking for, then this is not your place.

Enough about work, let's talk about..cuti! I took a 3days leave this time and was definitely needing it very much. After few hot arguments n busy designing in stages for several upcoming babies, my work is already half done :) so let's celebrate! Hoyeah! (Half done pun nk celebrate ke?) Well there's always so many reasons to celebrate :)

Balik Kelantan to the harmony part of Malaysia which I love the rustic n untouched sensation that always invites us back. A place my hubs calls home.A place where you could find gulai serati n nasi berlauk amazingly cheap in the morning and not a single toll plaza anywhere around. Ah serene..

Best now back to reality okayy..wake up wake up! Esok kerja daaa :)

Ckp byk sgt arini. Nanti kita sambung lagiii....




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