Thursday, January 15, 2015

SMAPKajang in memory always

Kata org tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain :)


Hari pendaftaran pelajar baru sessi 2015. On the exact date 18yrs ago, I was in his shoes, registering for the same school. Alhmdulillah di berikan rezeki utk bertemu lagi sekolah yg dh 13thn ditinggalkan.

The environment was just as it was when we left, the trees were still there only taller, the buildings as rustic as it ever was. It was like the whole school froze in a time capsule that didn't age. Even the teachers did not look older, same youthful teachers I had long long time ago :)

I was really mesmerized with the moment. There was a lot of memories created here. Good ones especially, and most of my lifetime friends were friends from this school as well. The field was as it was, all the basketball poles and taqraw nets, and the kemuncups and whatnots. The masjid is as old as it was before..worn out of age and frequent use.

All reminded me of how I used to be. The serenity and dusty bed where we slept and nvr complained. The huff and puff of 17-18 friends in one dormitory. The stinky dewan makan. All those things we liked back then.

What have thought me into who I am today. All the blessings and habits that became the foundations of me. Alhmdulillah.

Alhmdulillah. Belajar rajin rajin my dearest adik. Kakak wish you all the best :)

Maahad Al-Islami Alfidraali Kaajang in memory 1997-2001



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