Monday, January 19, 2015

One City Mall Rooftop Skypark

Assalamualaikum lovelies!!

We had an opportunity to view what's here nearby in One City mall. Dah buka quite for a long time but biasalah..we had no opportunity to get there yet. So yah ..we had one in the opening of 2015 :)

Mommy and the boys

We arrived around 4.30pm and had few strolls around where there are few mobile/accessories related floors selling at remarkable price. Murah murah! So we could not resist to buy few :) There where few Halal restaurants available and old town cafe was jammed packed. Hopefully they'll add few more family favorites along time.
The mall itself is small but there's a serenity trademark in its design that pleases the eyes :) We purchased some coupons offer that included a sling bag and two cinema passes. Bila lah nak tgk tu :p and then without further adieu we headed up to checkout the skypark. Yeay sky park :) lucky for us the evening was sunny bright.yeay!

Couple of the year :)

Rajnikanth... opppppssss...

Muka tak puas hati -zulhafidzey amsyar

Two excited boys meeting Mickey from a mickey outlet shop 

The rooftop is on the 10th floor if not mistaken. Just a lift ride above, so it was indeed a nice experience (plus - the elevator was glass walled and the parkings was still free).

Hiways from way above. Thanx to the sunshine for the glowing complexionnnn ;p

Glass roof yang nmpak way down to ground floor. Seramm

Ok then. Ada peluang come and visit this nice spot. There's a few dining places up here on the roof for nice dinners once in a while. 

Till then.


Mommy Zahra

Main place USJ21 in view.

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