Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My lil bookworms :)

My heart was touched tonight. As our usual weekdays dinner would be at 7, so waiting for maghrib the boys were still with dinner desserts leftovers lingering around the house. Hands full of chocolate sauce I asked them to wash their hands already for the umpteenth time since tiny ants were all around.

They didn't listen. And kept playing until I said "go wash your hands and mommy'll read you a story book". Both faces lit up and both scrambled towards the sink to wash up!

Oh my! How happy they were, and so did I! Books will always be a treat for them so far. Alhmdulillah! I was touched of how excited they were to sit on my lap for me to read their favorite book. Definitely mommy's boys..mommy's bodyguards, mommy's khalifahs to pray for me when I die. Amin.

Today's book : Rapunzel :)

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