Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ray-ban Aviator Online Original

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Hello there lovelies!


How’s your day so far?Alhamdulillah few things happened and made me feel more alive for 2015 lately. But not everyday is a sunny day, so once in a while on a bad hair day mode, of course, we need something to at least add some spark, and for me, sunglasses just will do the trick :)

Climbing the career ladder, I do realize that image plays quite a big role in getting where you want to be especially in the corporate world. A clean image is essential, but how you present yourself will be most important.

Let me be frank, what do you think when you come across people in sunglasses? For me, a pair of sunglasses just adds up a lovely tint to your everyday normal wear. And furthermore spruce out  a little more confidence in you. Between me and hubby, he’s the collector. Me, I will wear when necessary..especially to hide puffy or panda eyes..hehehe.

The best thing about sunglasses is that they are very versatile to be matched with all types of clothing. Among the famous sunglass picks often purchased are the Ray-ban aviators collection for women. What do you think about aviators collection? Versatile kan? Comey aihhh.. I just love this one. Which is quite great even for me :)

For  trendy women, there are several ways a woman can attempt on flaunting their trendy pair of Ray-ban aviators. The first look idea is the most common one seen by us which is the casual t-shirt and jeans appearance. Everyone has those days where you just do not want to wear any make up on and prefer to wear something comfy yet stylish. With a simple Ray ban aviators, the sunglasses can definitely add a little bit of style into your plain casual clothes, hijabi or not.

For the ladies who want to appear rugged and edgy, sunglasses can definitely do the trick. Style the aviator sunglasses with a nice leather jacket for a complete boyish appearance. Whether the leather jackets are matched with a dress or even a pair of jeans, the sunglasses definitely helps bring out your aggressive and funky side.

 The next way a woman can style their Ray-ban aviator is with their jumpsuits or playsuits. It can be a bit hard to accessorize jumpsuits with jewelleries as you might be afraid to overcrowd the outfit. The effective way to appear stunning in jumpsuits is by wearing a pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses. It will absolutely bring out the feminine yet easy going edge in the whole entire outfit. Besides that, jumpsuits are the perfect substitute of clothing for those who are just bored wearing t-shirts and jeans, just to suggest some alternative styles.

If you have no time to go out and pick your own aviators, like a busy mommy like me, thank you to the online retailing world, we can now even purchase original Ray-bans online. Betul, tak tipu nih..and fret not, even Zalora offers raybans in its retail line nowadays. Tgk kalau tak percaya. Lets roar abit and boost the inner confidence in you, buy Ray-ban aviator sunglasses online from ZALORA today.

Personally, I love Zalora. Just click click esok sampai :) Even if you have no cash in hand, boleh COD dgn dana encik suami…*wink*wink*. Taksuka, tak puashati, boleh pulang balik tukar no problem, I did some myself..hahaha. Even bought some birthday surprise for hubby last time via zalora :)

So apalagi, jom zalora jom!  Kalau nak COD, suami bayar pun boleh. hehehe


Zahra :)

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