Thursday, January 29, 2015

School of thoughts

Assalam lovelies ;)

A lovely Thursday alhamdulillah.
I have so many to share yet there's too little time. In short im just grateful with what happened and all the rizq around me that Allah had shown in so many ways.

This year around im trying to do things another way around. Try to have small business and learnt other ways how people think. I renamed myself and joined a business group under a top malaysian MLM as a kilang worker (well that's pretty true jugak kan) and see how they perceived me, but once in a while i cannot help to put english words in my conversation (huh, berlagak gila ..haha) and nearly blew my undercover. My objectives? I wanted to learn from down, from where people see you as invisible. Try it some time. It's really interesting. I love to be the engineer but sometimes wearing different hats is really cool in some ways. Alhmdulillah to my surprise, there is so many things that i have learnt and can possibly learn by only joining whatsapp groups. And that, i really love. :) :)

Really guys, try to learn something from people around you, even from facebook and colleagues, young and old. Some colleagues called me wikipedia bergerak, well how nerdy that sounded but well, what ever lah kan. I love reading things and doing small researches. And i love to share them. Bukan lah real researches but simple things. Simplest things. I've learnt from a fb friend about the fine line between happiness/knowledge sharing and innocent soft brag. hahaha.. simple things kan? Recognize what is valuable and dismiss what is not. And do not be afraid to tell the truth :)

Talking about telling the truth, children are the most honest beings on earth. so beware. In one incident late afternoon yesterday, my neighbour's boy came to play with the boys. He's only 6 and quite straight-forward and he adores my hubs but hates me..ahahah. Well, my hubby asked him then " Mana abah? Abah dah balik ke?" His answer?

" Abah ada kat atas. Tengah pujuk ummi merajuk dlm bilik air,"

Imagine if the situation was vice versa. Adoi, habis rahsia iman cerita ;p

About Charlie Hebdo assasinations, i have my own thoughts on this, but i havent yet time to put it in words yet. But, I loved what had been said by this brother, this ustaz. I have few of his books and i found that he has beautiful things going on his mind. Do read if you're interested here.

Tata for today. nanti kita cerita lagi.
Kita sambung melukis kejap. Kejap lagi nak balik dah :)



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