Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Renewing our vows

Every couple needs a reviving session once in a while. A team building session to discuss hopes and strategize missions for the future. Alhmdulillah we try to do this at least once in 3-6 mths :)

A day out date just the two of us.
So that we can concentrate to each other :)

I havent listen to this man's heart for awhile. We're sleeping next to each other, drive back and fro work side by side but am i listening to my oldest forever baby? No. T_T

I'm concentrating to be a mom and a career woman, sometimes I forget that being a wife is not necessarily attending to only his physical biological needs *sobs . This old baby needs more. More out of me emotionally tho it always looked like I'm the only one with emotions in the house.

I watched several excerps from 'being me' seminar on TV alhijrah before for talks from few famous Muslim icons where one talked about different hats a woman has to wear. Maybe I'll try to make it to this year's event to improve my inner self as before this I kept missing the seminar for things I myself can't remember.

This year, is our 5th year of marriage. The target is still doing things that works and working out things that don't before. The journey still needs sparks to fill in the excitement. To not go monotonous eventually and leaving both just for the sake that its unlawful to be seperated. Its a sacred bond that needs both parties to work on it. I'm into this wholeheartedly. And so is he. So this will work Inshallah. For the many many years either here or the hereafter to come!

Just walking together, borak borak watching fishes talking about our dreams, what we wanted for our children, plans for more children (if Allah may) ..just made my day. Although he cancelled my plans to watch a movie, its he made it more special without a movie.

But do not get me wrong la.. This man is not hopelessly romantic and sweet kind of person. I always dreamt he was..bummer.but Instead of keep on dreaming, let me try to be the romantic one. Eventually he'll grow into one. Just give it a try ladies out there..and see how beatifully it can go as just believe in what you give you'll get back.

I love you dear.
But this year i plan it to be different.

This year I love you for the love of Allah.
Uhibbuka fillah.

Pray for our happiness :)

Lots of love,


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ieza said...

same goes to me zara hehehe.. always dreaming for a swwet charm romantic husband but it's actually mat rock rupenye.. nih maybe kesan from korean drama yg aku tgk kot dulu2 hahaha.. but 1 good thing is, mat rock or yg xreti romantik2 nih ayat die xbrape manis mcm mat bunge, so insyaAllah he will be loyal to us kekekeke =P

Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Kesan korean dramas..betul juga tuh..hahahahaha.

Terima seadanya lah kan? Making out the most of what we already have in hand..pasrah T_T


jom terjah :)
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