Saturday, January 3, 2015

New year's Resolution


I just want to write this here. I went to a training recently and learnt that we cannot really remember things we 'mentally' note only. List down and write so that we can read it and register. And we only need 14 consecutive days doing a thing to make it a habit. So good luck to all of you as well.

This year I have nothing more than to wish to keep my solats on time. Solat kalau boleh diawal waktu.Inshallah. May Allah ease this for me. That's all for me. Amin

I wish Allah really grant each and every wish of Mak and bapak. Since 18 yrs old, everyday I prayed that even if I couldn't give anything to them, I takmau menyusahkan mereka. That's all. And today I really wish Allah ease them for all they wished for. Amin.

I just feel that I wanted to be better this year :) Inshallah. Let's start with baby steps.

**Iman keeps on asking on tauhid questions which left me sometimes uneasy. Simple questions of a three years old like, Allah suka color apa? Allah suka Ayam ke ikan? Kalau mommy xnak kwn Iman, Iman kawan dgn Allah je.. Mashallah.may how I get all the strength (and creativity) to answer correctly for his age. Amin!



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