Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tuesday..oppss Thursday Tots #2 : Homeschooling activities - Let's Count Starss :)

This entry was supposed to be loaded on Tuesday, but mommy busy these day. Postponed two days..heheheh

Bismillahirahmanirrahim :)

Happy faces when mommy says its homeschool project time! :) So today mommy decide to do some origami and to learnt actual counting :)

But as a start, we learnt to count 1-10 as basic. Next time we'll learn addition and subtraction pula ya?

So first we need the stars to work with.
Iman cuts the straight lines for mommy (well we're working on to be straight..hehehe), and mommy folds. Amsyar did some basic scissoring skills as well :) Suit him as a 22 month old toddler :)

Have you ever made small goodluck stars before? The basic is like this.

Then we work out the end to roll around the hexagon until end of strip.
Then we puff the hex to be like these...and voila! you have stars :)

Some kemek sebab ada org geram gigit :P

Dah siap stars kita count the stars.

Then we have the stars lined and counted.
How many stars are here?

Ok, now give mommy 3 stars!

Ok now ,5 stars!!

Amazing how they count actually count.
Well, as long as the concept is conveyed, then its ok :)

Bersungguh mengira. Alhamdulillah. Iman can count up to 10.
Amsyar for now, up to 5..but each time we finish up to 4..he will say hi-5! hahaha :p

When they made the stars themselves (with mommy's help of course!) the counting becomes much interesting by default, inshallah :)

Next session we'll learn adding and subtracting :)

And best thing after all the countings are......

...peacefully sleeping babies. 
Penat nau lagaknyer..

Happy homeschooling mommies!


Mommy Zahra

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