Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time out for a 3 year old preschooler

Sometimes it is really hard to control your temper to young children.For us, personally when things are uncontrollable it is better done with a 5mins time out.Better for mom and son of course. We started this once iman turned 3. I regretted for not starting earlier.I thing it is one of the best method available.But punishment had to be at par to what have been done. Here iman had hit his brother with a badminton racket.ouch! And doesnt want to say sorry.

Well, time-out isn't a punishment. It's an opportunity for your child to learn how to cope with frustration and modify his behavior. While your child is in a time-out, he's on his own, so try to let him sit in solitude for a few moments. Any attention from you – positive or negative – only reinforces unwanted behavior.(baby-center). And it is most recommended to be used once your baby hits 2. 

So we sent him to the stairs for 5 mins to stop crying and think about what he had done.
He stopped crying the first 2mins, and begged to climb down the next 2 minutes. We 'released' him after exactly 5mins which worked wonders.

By last he apologized to Amsyar and said this " kesian amsyar..Allah saaayang amsyar.Allah marah pukul adik"

Well at least he managed to thinked about it for 5mins ;)
Alhmdulillah.this worked wonders.well for now. :)
More on time outs..lets go to babycenter.

There are also some nice info on timeouts here and some techniques from dr sears here :)

Happy parenting mommies.



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Jayna Jayla said...

so sweet la pic abg peluk adik..;o)
sure u terharu kan dgn gelagat mereka? good work mommy!!!


jom terjah :)
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