Monday, March 17, 2014

From the other side of the table..a new perspective for me :)

Alhamdulillah it's monday again.
Well despite all the blues and the working Saturday, we should all be grateful to be still breathing Allah's air.

This is Saturday's story. I was appointed as one of the panels interviewer for last Saturday mass interview. Ramai from my team, coz nak pkai ramai. and the candidates pun ramai, 400 of them altogether (400 rupenya..kata smlm 350!). It was quite exciting for me as this would be my 1st being at the other side of the table. Overwhelmed, that my boss believed in me (hahaha..he should not sepatutnya! :p). Frankly, I was as nervous as the interviewee at first.but my partner was my boss so his experiences overcame and overshadowed my weaknesses..hehehe. This is real man, i'm contributing to this young fella's future here!..hmm..

Splendidly, we managed to interview 10 candidates and recruited 5.
Meeting with the new generation did made me feel old and I was looking specifically for people to be on my team.But among all taken, I found none. I was the bad cop that day obviously, and haji my boss was a bit laid off this would be his 238754190time kot. Ahahaha...he had served 28yrs kot in the company.What do you expect? There are some expectations and criterias im looking forward to. One of it, your Fluid dynamics or Thermodynamics must be at least B+. Hahaha.. I'm cruel like that. Hehehe.. takdelah..

I was trying to grill up some tricky questions, and on the same time trying to get what outsiders have in view for our products in general. If you bleed and have proton substances in it then ill hire you..but haji has different ideas. He claimed that We only need potential.All others could be trained.hehehehe. Yalah haji.. :p
Well it takes the bad cop and the good cop kan to be teamed up.kalau tak mesti 10-10 dpt.

Most candidates were fresh grads. Yang belum grad but in final semester pun ada. Me likey..pucuk muda nih ;p So the innocent-ness was in the air. But some too innocent they mistakenly named Avanza as one of our our products. Sorrylah dik, i know u wanna say Exora. But.. i have to say no. Hahaha.. One could name any after honda-perdana, and inspira although he has a Masters and was a top (first class) student. sayang...but no juga, we dont want theory professors in the team.hehe. It is quite amazing, when people come, expects you to hire them, but doesnt have a clue what the company business is all about.*sigh*

This took me back then in 2004 being grilled till the ends for a proton scholarship.the final interview was with the top management back then. And I could tell that what we had last Saturday was at no par. hahaha.
It was what I could say a good experience for me at that time which brought me new perspectives of the industry. One of the questions i got was " I don't like hijabers, i think hijabers are pure hypocrites. What is your opinion of working in the world of men, in corporate world, where hijab is almost at all times were thinked of as outdated?". Well so much of the provoking moment kan? The dato' know well that i'm from UIA, studied in sekolah agama, i would be much offended. But i was not. Keluar interview, baru i know that the dato interrogating me was Tengku Mahaleel himself. It was good to be ignorant that time. or else i might projected a different answer, and most probably not get the scholarship..Hahaha. Well, that is definitely incomparable as that was what they need to do to make you eligible to be paid off your whole student year. That time graduation fees, robes and pictures pun i soh charge back proton. Hahahah

Last year, I had attended a government DG41 interview last year and I kept delaying from publishing it here. It was also one of the memorable momories I have until now.

Phase 1 was hands on.
The task was simple.
Everyone of us were given an engine (a 3 cylinders might probably a kancil engine) already docked out of the body, a key, a box of tools and a cloth to wipe off oil.
We need to start the engine.if it was working
Stop the engine.
Change the timing belt.
Then try ti start again.
In 45 mins.
Change the timing belt huh? Change minyak itam sendiri pun xpernah beb.
But i did it! This Mama did it!
Juri pun xpercaya at first as a few guys didn't made it.haha

This Mama in sutera batik kurung did it! Yeah!!

But i flunked the phase 2. I did'nt like the concept. It was a group interview.
The interviewer asked the same question to all of us and we need to answer one by one. All ten of us in the room. Soalan? Dasar pendidikan negaralah.. dasar ^&@%#)! la.. there was 5 questions altogether. hahaha..everyone was copying each other words. So what the heck. Is the par that low?  Apa ni? I've been grilled to the max before, so this is not my game.So no lah. bye bye. I'm not interested.

So that's my interview stories. Interviewee..and interviewing.
Same feeling. Just which side of the table you are ;p
For those chosen congratulations and welcome to the team, and not chosen, rezeki Allah luas..dont worry.

Panjang pula on a cold monday like this.
Thank you allah for all these opportunities.
Thanks for reading :) Really :)
I love you all :)


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