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25 Things about me :)

I found this in my facebook notes..i wrote back then in 2009.

Funny i could write that way :p 

Alhmdulillah. Some things made me who i am today :) Entering my 7th year in proton, the journey was not easy.

The notes were when Big Apple or Jco haven't yet made their way locally :p

Nota zaman pak kaduk.
i just want to delete from my fb and put here just to rmember i once wrote this way.

I have to delete few sentence for the sake of honoring my dear husband. hehehehe 

So here it goes.

25 Things about me :)

February 7, 2009 at 12:19am
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

Aiya..why you all tag me??well here it goes..

1) Im happy to be an automotive engineer .Complicated mind boggling engineering probs do interest me..Proton is a very nice place to work if ur really into engineering. full of opportunities and otai2 yg mmg suka tolong sy..tQ.Just sometimes organzation politics and goverment policies interference just ticks me off tp what the heck??-and i love what i do today..alhamdulillah

2) I think that tall,dark, men are hot!!OMG..buat pengakuan kat sini pulak..I love matured men with open mind and know how to treat women properly..yela,jenis yg mmg takde nk pukul2 and hormat pd kaum yg lemah nih..huhu~ plg penting jaga hubungan dgn Allah.penting tu..bleh la membawa daku yg selalu hanyut nih ke jalan yg benar..

3)I don't care a bit of what others think about me..and I dont label ppl..certain ppl kan suka mengata personality org lain..for me-as long as he/she's happy with apa yg dia buat..then may those things be good for them..tu la agaknya..mmg takde usaha pun nk kuruskan badan.(ha..tak bagus tu..)sb I'm happy with who I am..

4)I'm a VERY naughty person..suka try bende2 pelik.

5)I love to drive extra fast...kat highway la..and kejar kereta2 yg tahap engine sama dgn kereta sy (sedar diri bwk 1.6cc je..)..min 140kph..syok wo.esp bila ader adegan kejar mengejar..haha..(sungguh bahaya..) Coz for me, our the cars we make are designed to be fast and engine nya sebenarnya bagus angat utk pecutan :) Kalau dpt 170kph tu mcm satu kepuasan.. (1 of the things u should do before u turn 30) ;p

6)I'm inspired by Tun Mahathir Mohamed..bbyk salute to this old man..some great mind u have there.His ways to view future and plan through prediction amazes me :) We'r lucky to have someone like him to lead our country..and till nw still searching for someone to replace him to lead us.Pak Lah and Najib mmg jauh panggang dr api la..He may have flaws..he's still human.

7) I like coffee..very very very very much..strong coffee.white.mmg best! klu pg2 xdpt secawan..mmg xsyiok la..

8) I xmemilih kwn..and quite tulus bila berkawan..just nw our limits and try to pick up good things of a person rather than searching for flaws.. i believe everyone has a good side deep down..lalala:)

9)I love to call other ppl.. :) I can talk with good friend almost about any topic on the phone for hours..
biggest record-4hrs :) highest postpaid bill-guess?? RM7xx.xx..unbelievable..

10) I love Maths

11) Ppl say I'm not very aggresive..well-I rather be the cool type..Its not that I dont like to stand on my opinion and take ppl to accept my ideas..just i like to do it in a diplomatic, soft way of influencing them to think in my way and yet get them to be on my side..then win the argument..Well there's no point of being too loud and get ppl mad at you..better to be at peace and live longer...

12) I'v dated 2 foreign Men which made me appreciate local men, and decided to marry one :)

13)I own 2cars under my name today-and plan to own my own house by the year 2010 :) Sy nak rumah yg ader swimming dgn gaji ciput ni..ada pemandangan yg best and jauh dr jalan besar is a big syukur already..

14) I love camping and outdoors..some ppl dont believe that but i worked as camp counselors with Ayu, Muki, and other friends during our second year..We were actually like camp fasilitators to a summer camp where we were paid RM50/day.It was a really bunch of fun back then..being chased by wild boars, sleeping under the stars and best of all-hiking..Really learnt a lot back then as we were trained by a retired liutenant.. Plg mencabar was to use learn using the GPS system in the woods and survival training..rindu plak time2 cmtu..kan ayu?

15) Im a homey person..I enjoy my weekends lepak2 at home, cooking..chit chatting..and doing nothing.. :)

16) I don't like ppl who lie..well who does?Esp friends who i thought i could trust-then got betrayed..damn.

17) I dont like chocolate.and extra sweet food..tapi I love Dunkin' Donuts..camane tuh?

18) I am now sedaya upaya memboikot brgan yahudi..coz they hurt small children in Gaza.sedih jer..alamak Dunkin donuts-syrikt yahudi!!mmm....Ok2..I boikot starting today.. ;p

19) I prefer gold rather than emas putih..

20) I love to read..a lot..hell a lot esp love stories by danielle steel, and sidney sheldon..I'm also into John Grisham..bila baca rasaa mcm di alam lain..Imagine : I spent 200 pounds on books only, during my last trip to London recently!! Giler ah..but that's my passion..

21) I appreciate art, strolls in the lake and love trips to museums. Maybe I’m just sentimental..hehe..

22)Saya tak mkn pedas.. :)

23) I wanted to be a fashion designer and study fashion in Paris when I was 10..hehe..klakar plak bila igt. I even had my own book full with dwgs of nice baju and wedding gowns..hehe..kecik2 dh berangan Now pn designer jugak..but more onto vehicle design la..jauh menyimpang :p

24) I love cats..

25) Ppl say Im ker?? I think not..well, when more than 40 ppl say that about u..mungkin betul kot.. I don’t know. But when the opportunity becomes an advantage to you.. :p


Hahahaha..quite funny I could write this up before and published in on Facebook??? I must have.lost my mind then..hahahaa

Well people do change kan?
that was me 5yrs ago.I wonder how it would be 5yrs ahead :)



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