Saturday, February 15, 2014

Zulhadzrey Iman. A throwback for birthday week

Time flies too fast, sometimes I feel I wanna stop to freeze everything just so that my babies will stay babies forever.But there are times when I want them to grow so fast, I just could bear anymore being the angry orange rhino in the house so angry u could eat up all the small people in the House :) I wish they were bigger and wiser and wouldnt mess up things around the House. Then i paused.

Its me who is messed up.

O..Babies. you grow up so fast... (--")

And now my sweet baby Iman is becoming 3.
Happily goes to school, and is famous among his teachers for his boldness and independence though being among the youngest in class. Boldness as in outspoken and crying outloud in the first few days. Now he doesn't want to go back from school (--")

Those were Iman from newborn till 1++.
So tiny and had a lil brother at the age of 13mth :)

Windy as he is, Iman is a clever boy.
At 3 he could recite doa makan, and doa tido and follow daddy pray all four rakaats of isya.he could also azan, tho some words are still blurry and missing :p
Iman recognizes basic colors and could count his candies,or the stairs up to 10 but always missed number 7 in his array..he he he..

For reading, Iman now recognizes his early phonics and mommy hopes he learns well and read to his pace. But we haven't introduce to him android and learning apps.maybe until he is 4. Yups, Iman nvr watches upin ipin on a tube or play with any I pad.

Moreover, he doesnt watch tv except for Mickey clubhouse and hi-5. He totally prefer toys,balls, trucks, physical games and the outdoors than the tv :) Alhmdulillah.just as mommy like.

Iman loves macaroni in carbonara or Bolognese sauce, and also doughnuts. He loves blue shirts and yellow too, but hates red shirts..hehehe. Sweet at some times, he could turn into a small blue monster at times too..hehehe.

Mommy just hope you can learn to control your temper, and mommy do love you.

On his 2nd Birthday :)

School Photo :)

6 more days to 3years old.
O mommy feels like just yesterday i had you all 3.75kg newborn in my arms.


Mommy Z

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