Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Tots :: Playground play

I've read some studies that says that structured play is actually not good for children development.
They tend to learn more when been given the opportunity to explore by themselves :)

So we counted cookies this week while baking. Then when its a bit cooler outside, we went to the playground in front of our house :)

Kesian anak mommy weekends je berpeluang nk ke playground. Weekdays mmg maghrib br jmp mommy (--")

The happy face that mommy will never exchange for any thing in the world :)

Big boy now..wants to swing by himself. Mommy dilarang tolong (--")

Nice playground but uncivilized minded vandals

Aunty chik w amsyar :)

Thank you aunty chik for coming to our house.last weekend.
Mommy is thinking of more counting activities in the coming weekend :)
As iman's school is more oriented to reading.

Lets learn to count!

And alhamdulillah, he loves to say Allah in his daily conversation. But sometimes in the most funniest ways.

For example 
" Mommy, tengok tu. Moon. Cantiknyaaa...Allah yang buat moon kan mommy cantiknya!"

And to some extreme, this happened while he was watching a scene of ultraman fighting a monster and lose.

" Kesian ultromen, dah mati. Ultramen baik..Allah sayaaaaang ultromen,"


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