Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flying kites at Setia City Mall..and the weekends

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hello Tuesday!
Tuesday already. Okay lah. Can i start Tuesday Tots next week? :p

It is really hot these days.
So hot even my lipstick melted being kept in my handbag in the house.
And our house, being the end-lot is directly facing the sun in the evenings, its like the oven to be in on sunny days.

I had some issues on Saturday, and hubby asked me to let it go.
Now i feel like im the lioness in the house these days. And he's the cooler spouse.

Harry potter's scar look this wkend. Kena ckr dgn kwn
I just wanted some fresh air, some window shopping, some good food and most importantly a place were the kids will be happy. The later criteria is now one of the priority, yes. Hubby wanted to check out the new sky park in one city USJ but i was scared for accidents as we have to active kids here. So we headed off to Setia City Mall instead. Hehehe..favorite spot now i can tell you..hahaha.

One thing i like about setia city mall is that it is less crowded and have most of what i wanted in a mall. Well, i just wanted the basics. Baby room, nice restaurants, a bookstore, a playground, and ample parking space..hehehe.typical mommy wants kan?? :)

The only thing we didnt know before is that, people play kites and giant bubbles in the grass dataran in front of Setia City mall. What a bummer we didnt bring our bikes. Just like dataran putrajaya only the grass was nicer to sit down on a beautiful evening :)

So we bought a kite.
An aeroplane kite this time.hehehe..and flew the kite.

Okay, its more to daddy flies the kite and we watched :p
Bersungguh daddy..hehehe..

Alhamdulillah such a lovely green park.
Definitely a nice place to come again :)

Geram dgn bdk ni..dah besar takmau mommy peluk..takmau mommy cium :p Nak ambil pics pun kena tangkap baru mau. How fast kids grow.Hehehe :)

And of course a visit to the playground too..pictures byk in hp pula..sayangnyaa..

Then, completing the mall visit with..makan makan lah. Makan bersungguh sorang tu. Kemain pkai fork and knife macam terer sgt gayanya :p

Ya ya this boy lah ;p

Tangkap sket Iman with mommy.Geramm jer dia ni takmau bergambar.Takmau itu takmau ini :P Daddy kata stubborn like mommy.

And a little treat of icecream too..once in awhile is OK.
The boys of enjoyed the icecream and well of course spells out : COMOTSS.
Its oklah as long as the boys are happy :)


Alhamdulillah :)

And sunday was another mommy's cream puff day.
Well now as mommy had done this like 256895 times, i can memorize the recipe by heart :p Okaylah, not that much times lah but a lot la i can assure you.
And this for sure had become our family recipe :)

Well, what's you favorite family recipe?

Ours would always be of course cream puffs, doughnuts, ayam masak kicap and....
cekodok pisang ;p Cekodok pisang or some may call jemput pisang will always be our favorite, mmg xsempat sejuk amek gambar dh lesappp ;p Lembik-lembik byk pisang..mmg uuuuhuhhh. Terbaikk :P

Simple recipes are always great winners.


Till then,


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siti norsarah Aminuddin said...

br perasan cakar tu...aryan ke yg buat imaan? aryan pakar ni bab bab ni...sorry syg. n happy birthday. semoga besar jd anak yg soleh


jom terjah :)
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