Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The mini birthday celebration :)

Iman birthday was on Friday this year :)

So on Friday night, mommy just bought some choc moist cakes and sprinkled M&Ms on the ganache surface for Iman's birthday cake. The candle was also store bought. We had some balloons and bithday hats and also some birthday flutes just to make it merrier. Alhmdulillah, it made Iman happy, just a simple celebration. This weekend we'll celebrate with geyma ya?

The birthday boy. Now as he is already 3, Iman is officially a pre-schooler :)
Not a toddler anymore. No more toddles ;p
At this phase he runs almost at ALL times.

Amsyar excited, more excited than his brother. This year's Amsyar's birthday party turn ya? Inshallah, if mommy ada rezeki lebih. Parties and such memang dana mommy sebab daddy not supportive in extra-curricular activities mcm ni ;p So doakan tabung dana mommy penuh tau Amsyar. Kita gilir gilir birthday party Iman and Amsyar sebab mommy's dana selalu ada shortage...he..he ;p

Muka singing happy birthday, sambil hidung kembang kembang sebab malu :p


Love this pic the most :)
The happiness is captured :P
Except for amsyar's confused face :D

Happy birthday dear Iman.
Thank you all for your great wishes.
Mommy doakan Iman jadi anak yang soleh berjaya dunia dan akhirat,khalifah mommy yang bijak dan berkarisma.




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