Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh Boy! Siapalah yang ambil????

I'm totally worn out on Fridays.
Yes.More often than not. Work is that stressing but I'm grateful.
Else what i earn is not the worth kan?

So what's your Friday plans? Maharaja Lawak Mega finals today kan? In shah alam pulak tu..but of course i'm not going. The boys will be sleepy and cranky halfway pun. So we setup the concert-style at home ajelah.

Ni nak cerita kisah sedih.
I lost my green make-up bag in the ladies on my floor. Yesterday, i went out during lunch with hubby, brought the bag to the toilet to touch up and decided to leave it there for awhile sebab malas nak bawak. Then after lunch was an arrays of meetings until end of hours.

Dah lewat time tu..i just picked up my handbag and punched out. My last meeting literally ended 6-ish dah pun. Memang tak teringat langsung until this morning when i wanted to wear my morning routine bedak.

Upon arrival at the office, checked the ladies.The bag was gone.
Went to all ladies at all floors in case, no bag.
Aduhai (--")

Its not about the things in the bag, but the trust. This facility is well secured tau. With CCTV and all. Tapi perlukah sampai nak check cctv on who stole my bag? And still the person had the guts to steal? Oh my.

Oh. for the bag.
I have 1moisturiser, 1 compact powder.
3 lipsticks (1 new!), two eyeliners. One lipbalm. And one mascara.
and also several loyalty cards (tesco,b-card, kk homedeco (T_T))
No cash.

Alhamdulillah not much.But still (--")
I think i know who took the bag. Siapa je yg nk pkai mekap orang lain.
Surely not the engineers.
But i'm not going to tuduh sembarangan la.
Tp kalau tak salah knp perlu takut bila disoal..???


My hubby asked me to let it go.
He'll pay back my losses.
Sweetlah you daddy.


Sorry to bring negative vibes to you this afternoon. He he he.
Lets cheer up and rumble lah its Friday!
I need some nice piece of cheese cake utk mengobat hati yang lara la..


Let's make some churros and some nice cookies this weekends.
Daddy's working of course as no work last week already :)
And plan on what to have on our sunday homeschool :)
I feel like painting and counting.
Let's see what this author have about teaching a toddler to count tips ;)
Let's ask Iman and Amsyar what do they feel like doing this weekend :)

6 snaps all not getting the nice shot.
Shushah sgt nak bergambor (--")

Happy weekends peep!



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siti norsarah Aminuddin said...

dah hilang mmg susah le nak jumpa balik..anyway cutela amsyar dgn botak image tu..x de tanda nak naik rambut tu..licin je auntie nengok


jom terjah :)
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