Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Weekend at Home :)

Assalamualaykum wbt lovelies..
Monday again :)

Sekejap je dah isnin..nak menunggu jumaat rs kemain lama..

So for the last weekend, we just stayed home. And did not much activities. Mommy planned to do some cut and paste and DIY picture frames activity with the boys but the time was not right. So next time lah yerr :)

We spring cleaned and played outdoors instead.

Saturday was waterplay day as Iman request subsequent to his school waterplay day last Friday.
And Sunday was fun just getting dirty play with rocks, wires, hoses and of course black soil ;p

I found therapy to me self and made black pepper puffs, samosa and some cream puffs the next day.The boys are now less clingy and could play together independently, so mommy gets more mommy time in the kitchen :) Its a good feeling to cook your family favorites and these two are surely winners in my house :)

Puff pastry is really easy when we have the frozen puffs. The fillings : ground beef, blackpepper, cumin, onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots :)

Cream puffs, as many don't really know is not a great fuss either :) And this is really really my hubby's favorite. I think i have written the recipe somewhere in this blog adapted from another blogger. But let me simplify it here.

Melt 125g butter in boiling 1 cup of water. Once dissolve stir in 1 cup of flour gradually.
Turn off heat.
Add 4eggs one by one while continue on stirring.
Shape into desired sizes on greased pan.
Bake for 30mins with 200degC.

Easy kan? Try it :)

 There's a lot of things and creative role-play ideas these two came out when being left with shovels, pails and hoses. Funny when they try to imitate you :p

Outdoors is really a big world to explore.
And a good playground.

I wish we could have tree houses and a sand box outside :P

So how's your weekends?
Its just nice to have a great laid out weekend.
Just to be home and play housewife once in a awhile, kan? :)


Mommy Zahra

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