Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Homebirthing Obsession

From Dr Amy's blog

It is sad to have some mommies make uninformed decisions.
Even worst when they lost their baby due to what they think was best for them.

I am not against homebirth. But a safe homebirth is what you should be looking forward to.
It's not just about you.

And please bear in mind that gentle birth nor hypnobirth has nothing to do with homebirth.
It is definitely a different kind of mindset.

Choose wisely mothers. And mothers to be.
Worst, the children you had before will suffer on losing you.

There's surely a hikmah on every thing.
Allah had warned us to not be too obssessed.

At least your children still have you :)

ps- I have been studying about hypnobirth, gentlebirth and was stunned with some daring homebirthing mommies. My mom gave homebirth to my sister back then in 1987 in the US. But the main reason was not self achievement, or obsession for unassisted birth. It was more about saving the cents and she was midwive supervised. 

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