Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#whatishappiness day 7 : New Year!!!!!!

Well, new year's coming really soon!! in two days time and we have no particular plans this time around :) Just thinking of the new year really makes me feel happy and excited. So yeah.. its happiness no 7!

So with this lets end this challenge of 7 days of happiness (well in my case not consequently 7 days pun!) Ahahahha.. But that doesn't matter kan, as we finished the challenge! Yeay!!! 

And the blogging arena is quite slow nowadays kan, people prefer blog to Instagram instead. Maybe its the trend and instant-ness of updates, Ig becomes really popular. Most of my mommy friends even don't really blog no more. Sobs.

Well, what's with the new year welcoming?! What's your new year's resolution and self-targets? What's your achievement targets, or plans for a new you perhaps? I guess new years are really good for a beginning of everything. A refreshing kick-start.

I have plans of my own for next year, of course. But most are not yet finalized so let's give em a pause for now for these 2 more days to final tune what's in mind and set few targets. Yes targets. The boys pun i have put some milestones for them to achieve. So closely attached with each other, nowadays the age gap between Iman and Amsyar is hardly noticeable and people almost at all times mistaken them as twins. Haha.. i wish i had twins. That would be nice, but when come to think of it, only supermoms i mean great supermoms will be granted with twins. I could hardly handle one at a time, i cannot imagine with two (or even three!). 

Iman's turning 5 this february. And amsyar's 4 this coming May. So fast, right?

Few things i have in mind for 2016 now are :
  • To set a time table with the kids and follow. Must sleep at 10pm!
  • Bedtime storybook time. If possible everyday!
  • Tabung tabung tambahan : Holiday, Expensive (I want that) Item
  • Room separation! For the kids! Now tilam separation already works. And yes, they still share our bedroom but on toto comforters on the floor, so this cannot last long.
  • Milk bottle wean-off! No bottles no more
  • Enroll them for Tae Kwan Do
  • Enroll them for swimming class panasonic (either or both!)
  • Project Kebun Sekangkang amsyar ! (so far we have serai and daun bwg..haha
And there are more to this list! guys..2days..2more days!!!!!!!!!

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