Friday, December 18, 2015

#whatishappiness day 5 - astrocircle dinoscovery tix!

Many bad and not so happy things happened all day yesterday actually. I was forced to finish designing 3 items in one day and by lunch hour i was already cracked. I asked for a lunch date with hubs and a tour to the bakery shop and by 2.30pm i was already back on track.

But despite all the stress, the mailbox back home welcomed me with....

 I've got my tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets go roar-ing this christmas holidays :) or maybe the new year long weekend. Nak masuk KL ni kna plan for whole day in KL sb malas nk tempuh jam. Shah Alam mmg lain ya dr KL. Weekend takdak org pung! and of course dah year's end ni every week pun full with plans :)

Redeemed at astrocircles. Check your astro points and redeem from here.
Happy redeeming guys!

**4 tix caused me 500 points only! yay! which acculumates to around rm120 if purchased on site. Alhmdulillah rezeki Iman n Amsyar la ni :)

And this is the tix price if you're interested to go :) more info on dinoscovery click here~


 Happy weekends ahead dearies!



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