Friday, December 4, 2015

Things we've done in 2015

Hi guys

Its december already and we're going to leave 2015 already! so fast isnt it? But i like things fast. almost everything. Except for my babies to grow up too fast.sobs.

So lets start reflecting on things we've done all year so that we can do things we wanted to do in first place that had not been crossed out the to-do list yet! We can start on simple things then go for the big cheeses. Like, retreats for example!

So yeah, 2015 had been tough. Counting on economical point of view, the struggled and survived alhamdulillah. Still credit card-less for the 3rd year already! Not so much money stuffed in the savings account tho. Need to work on that of course! So that's a tick for 2015. What else...hmm..nevermind, lets first do a 11 month throwback for places we've gone to. No such thing as a percutian mewah for us, nothing much this year not yet. So yes, always on the budget-tight holidays is really the way to go for me! :)  As long as we're happy, that's fine for us :)


The beginning of the year selalunya pokai. So kita dok diam2 pergi jln2 dekat2 je. We went for our Date on the first day of school because it was an off day for us. And the lids were at school. It was Amsyar's first day. And seemed ok, confident and happy :) So ok lah.

Checking out what's in onecity w the boys

From onecity's rooftop


We went for a short weekend getaway in PD! And celebrated Iman's birthday in Glory Beach Resort. Nice place, shabby but ok :) The beach was really nice of course. 2d1n stay with my big family as well ;)


Balik kampung yeay! As we couldnt make it for the bah besar, this was our first time back after the banjir besar 2014. We took the long route back via Terengganu and hit for few beach stops. Syok jalan mcm ni. Jalan2 cari makan, but the bauxite mining in Kuantan was really a spoil! Maybe next time lah kita cuti cuti malaysia sini.

One of the beaches in Terengganu. Cantik bangat terengganu beaches ni ;)


We went for a budget holiday in Langkawi! Yeay!! Murah2 aje semua..only Rm1700 inclusive of air tickets, sewa kereta and hotels for a 4days3nights stay :) Alhamdulillah, the boys first island trip.  

And of course in may we had May babies birthday party! :)


This time around were the ramadhan and syawal celebrations. Mcm biasa road trips round malaysia for us this year for raya. We started from KL- Slayang- Sg Buaya then up north to Bukit Merah.

Aloq Setar- Baling - Tasik Banding - Gerik

Then Kelantam....yeay!

Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. Byk kutipan (duit raya hehehe).


TAkdak p mana sgt August as we're looking forward on events in September! Yeay September. Just one PD retreat for Merdeka day here :) Yes. We love our port dickson beach! :P


The awaited month! As we had plans for.......


Really nice trip. Must repeat. Tak puas.

Then we have our beloved sister's wedding in September juga! So a balik kg trip to kelate of course! this time via cameron highlands! Weee... :)


Kita tutup dgn Gold Coast Morib. All time favorite kita :)


Well, we'll see how. Another 27days for December waiting for us, kan? Trip to Kedah/Penang last few days pun tak habis penat lg :)

Well, that sums our 2015 as for now. 
Cuti cuti malaysia ajorr.cuti bajet. Lets plan for next year! Dah dpt list of long weekends and PH for 2016 kan? The kiddos pun dh besar sikit, they're already understand things and surroundings so maybe boleh start planning for overseas trips. We'll see.

How about your year?



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