Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#whatishappiness challenge day 4

4 days at home last weekend was really a bliss for me. we did some spring cleaning sebab amsyar naik gatal2 habis, carpet and all but it seems that many things are really there for me to be grateful than gloomy :) Happy aura come to mommy!!

These three were supposed to be last weekends' happiness :) so yeah..

No 1
My fav for Gegar Vaganza : Siti Nordiana won first place! Yeay! Congrats Nana! bertudung or not there's no issue here in Malaysia apparently. Big yeay! Hubs was Ezad's fan so boo for him.haha.

No 2

We finally completed our Lego Shell collection!  All 7 of them! Yeay with the shell tanker. It was really a wanted item, soughted even before midnight. We were at Putra Heights Shell at 11.50pm and the Q line was already long. being the 20-ish person, hubs got his hand onto the awaited model. Hooray! haha..

Gila org malaysia ni. #legoshell was a phenomenon and collectibles are too cute to resist..kikiki

No 3

Mission to #bbw2015 accomplished! Yipppeeeee! Last minute plan for last day of the exhibition. Mujurlah sempat. Grabbed few books for the kids yeay! Really great happy time for mommy :) I kan ulatbuku.haha

Ok tu je.

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