Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Belasungkawa - My Beloved Aunty

Just came back from our Kedah road trip. An adhoc roadtrip to pay the last respect to my late aunt.

Datin Hjh Siti Rafeah Muhamad – Friday, 27th November 2015.

A trip that was expected, but not expected to be too soon. She was my mom’s eldest sister, lose in a cancer battle. Loved more by our Creator. Will absolutely missed by many. May Allah bless her. Amin.

First experience of live observing all the process for a person to be sent back to her/his creator. All the mandi. All the kafan. I could not help but feeling so sad inside. I cried all the way. Still grieving, mom in all grievance too.

May Allah bless her with all His love.


Al fatihah

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