Thursday, December 10, 2015

#whatishappiness day 2

I really cant do this daily. So we'll try to do it AS WE COULD DO IT! Bahahaha..

So lets do day 2 ;p

Well, yesterday was a good day. A hectic day. So many things bad but we would like to rmember the good ones don't we?

And our car overheated in Kesas highway at 7.35am! Ironically enough ya? I asked hubs to stop for awhile until the temperature lowers down, and start again to at least get us to the office compound! Alhmdulillah it worked. SO instead of being a disappointing moment, it was a good one! Alhmdulillah we reached the office, clocked in on time and went to see the cars whereabouts again.

After some time, hubs decided that i should be staying in, and he would disassemble the engine parts to see whats wrong. 

bab bib bub bababa.. tadaa! Siap!

This was the culprit. Thermostat not open. Dah stuck.

This old buddy of mine dh 250k dh umurnya so a lot of things and muscle strain lah kan. Tp kita still syg sebab tak pernah beronar setakat ni. klu mati pun di parking ofis. pancit pun di rumah :) Rezeki tu. Alhmdulillah. Umur pun lg tua dr usia perkahwinan saya :p Masa p dating zaman muda muda pun dgn dia :)

So happiness is when the car is ready..on time!
And breaks down almost at not-to-worry conditions. Alhmdulillah :)

Esok cuti! Yeay! Another happiness..kikiki. so toodles!

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