Friday, August 28, 2015

Homemade Nugget Ayam Cheesy

This is my first try for this chicken nuggets/balls and alhmdulillah it turned out ok. Yeay! Hehehe. I put just 5tbs of flour in this mixture but i will add a lil bit more next time i do this because i like a much 'cakey' texture in my nuggets. And next time ill blend the onions, garlics everything instead of going chopchop :)




500g Minced chicken (i used Ramly)
1 potato grated
1 clove of garlic(blend)
1 small sized onion (blend)
1 tsp oregano flakes
1 tsp black pepper powder
5-6tbsp flour

Salt to taste


1 egg
Breadcrumbs to coat (i used bakery bought ones)
3 slices of cheddar cheese cut into small bits to stuff


1. Oh this is so easy. Add everything in a* into a bowl and mixed thoroughly into a paste. You can add in some more flour but not too much if the dough is still sticky.

2. Make the paste into small balls and stuff a piece of cheese in the middle. You'll get around 50-60 small sized balls. Use cookie cutters if you like.

3. Coat in beated egg one by one and then the breadcrumbs and leave aside for awhile before starting to deep fry.

4. Deep fry in medium heat for 3-5mins.

5. Serve hot! Sedap. You can freeze half so that you can eat it anytime u wish :)

Selamat Mencuba :)

This weekend will be a looong weekend yeay! I have to finish up the hantarans as im really running out of time! Selamat bercuti semua! Happy merdeka day and may all happiness returns!

ps- we plan to hit the beaches this monday just to take the day off. What's yours?


muka 6pm everyday! muka dh letih :)

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