Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September! Something to ponder ;)

BEAUTY defined!

The whole idea of beauty has been tarnished by media, magazines and their promotion of fake beauty.METHING They have removed the simplicity of beauty, the acceptance of you for who you are.

Today a simple face will not attract many. A bare face will not be considered beautiful. But in order for that very same person to be considered 'beautiful' she will have to parade around bare figured.

This is society's idea of beauty. And if not, then it is a face plastered in make up. Society isn't sufficed by dressing up occasionally, no, the society we live in requires that you mask yourself everyday.

See this mask is worn, but behind it is a broken female. A female who has been bent by the demands of society, so much so that she has broken in to a hundred pieces. And now she no longer recognises herself without all the make up and glam. She doesn't see herself for who she truly is. All she sees is red lips and extended lashes. Nothing more. She no longer knows herself. She has submitted herself to the whims of society and in the process lost her real self.

Just know one thing. That this beauty which appears on the face, is deteriorating with time. Look at our aged mothers, and ask them why our fathers love them so much. Do they adorn themselves with lipstick and heels? No. But it was their souls which captured hearts. Their loyalty and sacrifice. And that's why they survived decades together. That's why they stuck together, firmly.

Look to a person's character. If it's bitter, no matter how physically beautiful they are, they won't capture every heart. If their character is beautiful, even if they don't live up to society's standards, they will still tug at the hearts of many.

You need to love yourself. Love your bare face. Love your naked eyes. Love your simple smile. Love you. Because people do. Even if your reflection tells you otherwise, you're beautiful. Beautiful in the eyes of many. So when they tell you, believe them. Because they may have fallen in love with your soul, and the beautiful traits of your soul have emerged on to your face. That's beauty.

And that's guaranteed because Allah did not error in creating you perfectly for those who are meant to love you.

~ Gems of Jannah
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