Monday, August 17, 2015

Raya Raya Chassis Family 2015

 Salam Monday mommies!

Penutup syawal thn ni, kita akhiri dgn jamuan raya famili chassis. Bertempat di Maidah Cuisine Cafe Putra Heights, USJ, last saturday everything was really nice and went as planned. Altho we didn't get any lucky draw hampers this year, i was really happy with the crowd and the cooperation that was given by the mommy team for the potluck table this year. Yeay! Kudos for the organizing team! The boys had fun wpn iman sedikit xsihat and was vomiting earlier that day. Thanx adzly for the pictures as well. Let us just have a look on the pictures of the event :)

My boys :)

Cantik rmbut amsyar ;p  Iman was not feeling well.kesian anak mommy 

Daddy w amsyar :)

The next generation :)

The woman. and lil azlan luqman

The main players for chassis. Oppss yg dpn skali tu bkn. yg tu slalu kasi boss pening ;p

Some family Potrait :)

Our big family potrait

Thank you those making this a success! Kuddos!

All i did, was to come :) And make some serawa durian for the potluck table, The food was marvelous and nice. Tahun depan buat lagi ya :) Boleh tmbah acara kanak2 utk lbh meriah sb they were running in the surau to kill the time..klu atur games maybe lbh menarik :)

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