Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Stressed Mom

Hari khamis dh! Yeay!!!

Hehehe dasar pemalas. tp sebenarnya penat kerja bila dh dekat2 nk hujung minggu. smlm punyalah stress balik kerja..i cooked, i cleaned, done the laundry..yeah im an effective domestic home-maker when im stressed! i even bbq-ed some chicken and made nando's styled dinner. haa..cok keria purple ni antara apa yg i cooked last nite! haha
By 1am i was still wide awake. penangan over-stressed body! boleh? Sbnrnya 1am tu wide-awake lg sebab dok tgk kuch kuch hota hei,tp mmg xngantok lg tp badan dh start aching. Haihlah. begitulah.

Begini begitu rsnya kembali kpd Allah juga yg maha memudahkan segala. Projects bertambun tu ok la. Dah biasa. tp ini yg menambah stress are people who created unnecessary stress menyusahkan hidup org lain dlm project project itewwwwww.

I sat and prayed hard that my ideas were conveyed to their hearts and my boss would open his eyes to help me with the burden he had put on me. Dlm doa pun boss masuk dh kira kronik but i was really not into anything else. I tried calming myself. Hugged my babies and made myself a soothing coffee and by 2am++ i finally had some sleep.

See the wall clock!

Nangis for the umpteenth time watching! haha

Rasa pejam kejap celik dh 6am! Snoozed for 7mins and woke up to reach the office at 7.35am. Greeted by a bungkus of nasi lemak i started my day with designing. Meetings, emails yadaa yadaaa and gebak gebuk gebang kot whatsapp group office projects. I was about to loose it and gave up when the truth came with an inspirational idea. Waaaaaaaaaaa...

Bincang punya bincang-bentang segala data..
Finally my ideas and proposals were accepted!

Yaa..budak Hamza (nephew) ni pun one of my source of pressure release!

2pm-dh start feeling so sleepy. Urghh..Tonight nak kena qadha tidor! Wahhh..
Malam jumaat tak malam jumaat. 9pm kita lights off. Alone.( i wish la kan) Hahaha.. Moga boleh tidor dgn aman n nyenyak! Amin!

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