Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekends! Yeay!

We are going! Yeay! And finally this shall remain our tradition in putting silaturrahim 1st with work colleagues ;) If you're coming...see you there taww.

This week, the boys were asking by daily basis, esok sabtu ke (wahhh menurun perangai omak betul!) ? Belum syg esok school lg. Iman nak g beraya rumah kwn mommy. bila nk hari sabtu? Ye nakkk...kita buat countdown! Last week, we went south to north beraya sakan. And on Sunday i was so excited one of my friend came to our small house, i forgot one birthday invitation from Iman's school mate. Ahahaha...xpelah xde rezeki tu nakk...instead, after one house, we went to the playground sebab dh janji kalau behave the day before at my friends house, kita boleh g playground. And yes, of course he remembers it!

Kita g je playground yg indoors, yg selamat, yg dekat, yg mommy boleh handle sorg2 :) Kerja teruk these days. smlm i clocked out at 7.20pm! And picked up the boys at 740pm! Adoilahhhh...

Weeekends are finally here! Mashallah!

Have a nice weekend mommies!



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