Friday, August 21, 2015

Campur campur caca marba

Hello lovelies!!!

Salam jumaat :)
Love the fact that its Friday already yeah!! Hehe.

I  took an emergency leave yesterday telling the team amsyar is not well. And in fact that he is oklah dh, dah kebah alhmdulillah. And I sent him to school to treat my big baby..aiyoo. Day 4 working night shift, he's all cranky and demam already.yelah balik nk peluk bini, bini kerja. manja nau baby besar ni. We went on a big fight the day before, so takpelah..mommy ambil cuti lah emergency nk jaga awak ni ha. Well, that's what spouse do for their spouses kann? (kalau boss baca nih matiklah..) I cooked and cleaned and put my big baby to bed and was free after. The boys were at school and i had the house all to nyaaaa..then i was thinking of how all nice, sugar and spice it would be if i had a girl kan. takdelah all guns and soldiers and robots and ultramen kat rumah ni kan? Tgk pics anak che ta..mmg bestnyaa... 

miss my baby masa he was a real baby ;p

Ok stop. No babies for now. No no no :p Tetiba ;p

Life's manageable so far with daddy working night red punchcard so far for this week (phew! today was 7.55!) with Iman and amsyar all cranky and all. But thank God its only for this week. No more please daddy ya? still working on my new hantaran project, so let me give you some teaser! Mmg taksiap apa pun lg. Nak buat design cermin cermin tapi xcukup bajet so this will be the theme that i really hope suits hubs sis yang mmg muda sweet 21 baru :) 

So what's your weekend plan? since syawal has come to it's end and we're heading off to Zulhijjah for Eidul Adha already. And we plan to visit an old friend of mine tho post raya tapi xpelah..hehehe. I ordered myself few on sale books as well today just to treat myself. Oh ya..i treat myself with books, not handbags thats how nerd i am. So if you got time boleh lah jenguk2 PTS ni. They have great sales going on now! Click here. Talking bout sales byk sales going on and ends this weekend juga (minggu belom gaji nih!urgh!) like IKEA SALE, Poney Warehouse Sale Seri kembangan and also mothercare sales! Mak mak sangat semua sales nya ya..hehehehe :)

So see ya! 

**i do wish my friend bloggers blog more about themselves these days. macam semua update ig and fb je lately and no blogpost  no more :)


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