Friday, May 1, 2015

Its May! Anniversary!!!!!

Hello May!

Its our fifth yr anniversary month! Not yet the date but its May bebehhh. And so we're entering our second phase our marriage already alhamdulillah. Lots of gives and takes and lots of quarrels along the way..but the spark is still there as always, we would like to have it forever. And grow old together, Inshallah.

Two thing i'd like to share from our 5yrs of sharing, is purely sharing :)

Yups sharing i tell you. From stories to gossips to stress work to mishaps to even what we disliked from the day at work. Also some politics and social sciences to color it all. True you know. its the companionship we cherish. Becoming each other's bff. And to rather spend time with each other than anyone else in the world. Ewahh semangatnya ;p. And ps- We share toothbrushes too.Yups that's one thing.

And another one is..... we share our drinking glass, coffee mug, name it. Late night coffee will always be one mug only, even fast foodies order will be only 3cups-one for Iman, one for amsyar and one for mommy&daddy. I don't know, its sunnah, and we just feel like its natural :)

The next thing time la eh..when the kids are sleeping we pillow talk.
Dah cukup 2 things kannnnnn?

Till then tatatititutu.

I love you :)

Oh my birthday is on the 5th.FYI kikikiki

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