Thursday, May 7, 2015


I turned 31 last Tuesday.
Another wonderful year to look in front to. with all the wishes that have not yet been completed, missions and targets for my career path, the kids, the husband, the not yet granted wishes for my mother and father. Mashallah, too many things in too little time, and getting older by day.

Please O Allah give me all the strength and health.
And open all the rezeki paths for me and my beloved ones.



Thanks darling for all the time and companion and lovely lunch. From the couple spa tho it is or first, to the mall and lunch and it all from tits and bits.

Massage treat. Nice should try. its in The strand KD:)

31 is just a number, another year to do my best inshallah. To be a good mother to my munchkins, to be a good makmum to my imam, to be a brave engineer in a place that needs to many brave ones. Doakan mommy menjadi isteri and anak yh solehah, berjaya dunia n akhirat n pendamping yg setia


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ieza said...

happy belated befday zahra!


jom terjah :)
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