Friday, April 17, 2015

CLOVERUSH - is the new black for hijabs! Now at ZALORA

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Ever heard of Cloverush before? Well, Cloverush is a new ongoing name in the blooming Muslimah Hijabi business. Based in Our homeland Malaysia and founded by a Lady Engineer since 2012, every style is engineered to meet the latest fashion trend and at the same time offers comfortable hijabs yet affordable in the market.

The boutique operates in the heart of KL but to ease the fanatic enthusiast in getting the latest offers, Cloverush is now available online! So bukan orang KL je dpt beli tudung cantik ni. I must assure you that what they offers are a MUST to have where their apparels ranges from hijab collection to Muslimah wear. Each and every fabric chosen are from high quality choices to ensure optimum confort level in each tailored worn. And the very best part is they keep on updated on style with weekly new collection!

Jom tgk sikit apa yang cloverush ni ada.

Koleksi tudung sarung atau tudung ready-to-wear keluaran Cloverush merupakan diantara koleksi tudung yang paling mendapat sambutan daripada para pelanggan. Jahitan yang kemas dan potongan yang menepati citarasa ini boleh anda temui dalam pelbagai pilihan warna dan rekaan yang pasti menambat selera hijabi. Untuk penggemar shawls, jgn risau, ada pelbagai shawls yang pasti tak akan mengecewakan hati dan poket anda. Yeay!

The main difference of this instant sarung compared to any other brands is the facial cutting yang menyembunyikan kebulatan wajah kita and is very likely suitable for semua bentuk muka. So for those simple hijabis out there yang nakkan tudung ni dgn harga berpatutan (and often with sales offer! Yeay! I love you zalora!), boleh dpatkan jenama ni disini :

Inshallah pastinya pilihan terbaik anda!

[Coverush juga dipilih oleh Hijabi public figures untuk digayakan santai. Why wait? Get your coverush collection today! J]

Anzalna - pic courtesy of cloverush website

Fatin Liyana - pic courtesy of cloverush website

Fynn Jamal in Lily black - pic courtesy of cloverush website

Ingat brand unik ni. Dpatkan di zalora skrg :)



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