Thursday, May 21, 2015

21st May. Happy Birthday Hubs

Happy birthday my dear husband.
Thank u for all the things you did when you did it for me (like mandikan anak, kna paksa lipat kain or kena paksa bgn bila turn buat susu..ehehe)

I love u dear, from the moon and back. And hopelessly hoping we'll grow old together realizing all our dreams are always only dreams and still be in love with one another.

Hari hari i doakan utk u. Mcm2. Byk yg makbul, tp ada juga yg belum makbul lagi..ehehe. Thank you for being my strength and my cheerleader. My motivation and my carpenter. My driver, my mechanic, my doctor, my therapist, my enemy when we fight over the remotecontrol, my everything. Most importantly...the daddy to my children.

Happy birthday bebear!

A year wiser Inshallah :)
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