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Jejak Langkawi 2015 : Day 3 - Langkawi Island Hopping Package :)

Jumaat, 15th May 2015

Hi uols! 3rd morning in Langkawi dah! It was a  Friday, so we planned to just laze around the hotel that morning, after the morning beach walk and breakfast we had the pool all for ourself for a morning dip. We checked out at 12 and headed to Chenang for lunch and Jumaat prayers before our Island hopping date at 2.30pm. Mahal food at chenang compared to Kuah sbnrnya.simple lunch costs us rm21 for 2.

Ultramen must follow matter what.

At 2.30pm, our boat was already waiting with other people counting a total of 12heads including Iman n amsyar. We paid RM35x2 for adults and RM25 for iman and added rm6 for conservation tix. Total in rm101 jugalah. We were given life jackets and identity stickers to just match our group to the boat provider as there were a lot of groups with several different providers. Iman n amsyar pun dpt small lifejackets each which looked cute for them :)
Boys with the life jackets

The boat took 30mins to our first destination : Pulau Tasik Dayang Bunting. Memang excited juga naik boat ni..the boys really did enjoyed it. The weather pun cantik matahari terang, so we were quite lucky :) The boat driver (driver ke..hahah) gave us 1hour on to explore the island. so sharp 4pm, we should be back on the boat to go to the next destination :)

The bunting dayang behind ;)

To reach the lake, we need to do some hiking up and down, back and fro to the boat jetty. 15mins jugalah nk naik saja. But we made it with the kids! He he he..kuat budak budak ni! 30mins near the lake, I was not confident to allow the boys to dip in, so we just had a small picnic , took pictures, and had our feets in the water. Bring a lot of water ya for the island hopping, and some food as well esp if you're w small children.

Hello tasik Dayang Bunting! We're here!

Scorching hot at 3-ish pm

Halfway down back after all the way up.

Small picnic here. Bawak bekal for the little ones.

They've made small pools at the platform for those not daring enough tp jump off into the 15m deep lake

Just chilling out. Panas oi

4pm we started our journey to the next destination : Eagle Feeding. 15mins into the open seawater, we stopped on a deserted island nesting so many eagles.Mmg byk! No wonder, the island is called Langkawi.

Ada mcm deserted jetty. Behind tu, mmg houses thousands of eagles.

The boat driver yang baling chicken into the water, and magically the birds came in flying one by one swooping the chicken out of the water. Chicken meat la..bukan ayam hidup.haha. We lingered around the area bird watching and took pictures for around 10mins, before heading off to our last island : Pulau Beras Basah.

4.35pm kami sampai kat jeti Pulau Beras Basah and was allowed to explore the island for 1hour. Mmg budak budak ni changed into their swimming trunks and mandi laut la..main pasir n mandi manda.

The island is so nice, deserted, and with beautiful white sand. Kat sini jugalah terserempak w an old friend of mine Wan Husniati on her honeymoon. Sebesar besar langkawi, kt secluded island tu boleh terjumpa.he he he

5.35pm we headed back. With the boat..letih dah. The view of the sea with the islands nearby was breathtaking mashallah. Tp mmg best island hopping ni.berbaloi la juga 3jam setengah mcm sekejap je..6pm sampai blk jeti pantai tengah. Penat dh semua.
Mlm tu kami check in motel murah je in kuah, Dawira Motel for RM 55/nite. Murah kan? But mmg sempit sgt. Sb mmg nk tido je oklah. Last night dh.esok nk blk dh. Dinner pun in the room je, sebab semua pengsan keletihan mandi pool pg n island hopping all evening :) Nyenyak smpai ke pagi :)

Nanti kita smbung ya.. Day 4. Mmg plan nk shopping je sebenarnya, tp mcm best je Wildlife Park kuah ni. Jom jenguk kejap...




Expenditure DAY THREE (3)

Hotel dawira  (Paid on arrival) - rm55
Island hopping -RM95+6
Framed souvenir-10 for Island Hopping

Petrol-20 (Xcukup 50 aritu)
Deposit hotel reclaimed- debit rm100

Total day 3 - RM127

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