Monday, February 23, 2015

A short birthday getaway for Iman! - Glory Beach Resort PD:)

Hi lovelies! :) :)
Happy monday everybody! I believe many of us are still in the raya cina mood, whereas the traffic was so clear to work this morning :) Im working today..and it feels really refreshing after such a long break.

This holiday around we planned for a short gathering at PD. And coincidently, on the date was Iman's 4th birthday. So it was actually a double celebration, with everyone around alhamdulillah. Nice short PD holidays less than 100km from home. Oklah kan, walaupun PD was congested and the hotel price were tripled. The main thing is to get together and just be around each other. Alhamdulillah.

Birthday boy cake cutting later that night.

Two boys donning their jubah from auntychik. tqsm auntychik kiut

Our small family

Thank you lovely grandma, grandpa and my sisters for all the cakes, the apartment and the asam pedas ikan siakap. Marvellous i tell you. We had it for lunch that afternoon at the beach and then another round in our apartment later for dinner..nyummmmssss. I made some pasta and some pudding so it was just simply nice for all of us ;) Making memories doesn't really need lavish things betul tak? also tqsm for all the gifts :) Iman loved them to bits ;)

Sedih as most pictures are still with hubby. some will do ya :)

Port Dickson on CNY was really congested as expected. But we managed to book one 2 roomed apartment in Glory Beach Resort. Last minute i tell you. I secured the booking only on wednesday and we're checking in on Friday. The last room on the page. Alhamdulillah dah rezeki tak kemana. Try, nice and fast bookings, the way i like it...sambil tunggu drawing load, kita book sebilik dua. Glory beach resort (GBR) is an old hotel neighbouring to the awesome Grand Lexis. Furniture is quite shabby but in overall its clean. The night balcony view was mesmerizing as well, cantik sebab our room was facing Lexis' pool and also the ocean. Me and hubby took the advantage to just lay down here when everybody's sleeping and chitchat, counting stars and our blessings..ya..we're weird like that..kihkihkih. Technically broke this time around with the 1k alternator change and balik kampung earlier this month, we're just glad we're still here enjoying our nice view. Alhmdulillah rezeki.

The hotel itself was on a nice location with a private beach and a reasonable sized pool. so all in all it was OK for a family gathering. The BBQ pits were rentable at rm100 if not mistaken and they'll provide you all the equipments minus only the food. There was also a show that night with clowns and fire eating men :) Nice. The breakfast was really tasty, although with not quite a variety of spread. But who needs variety when everything is bland. betul tak? :) There were clowns with baloons as well in the cafe entertaining the kids which was a plus for GBR :)

The balcony view. Nampak Tg Gemuk PD :) And all those people barbequeing on the beach :)

Nice morning stroll before breakfast. Cantik

Same red baju 8 years ago here

All in all i liked it here. No spooky experience alhamdulillah. Just poor front desk service and a shabby old apartment. But we'll come back inshallah :) Happy birthday iman. Mommy hopes you've enjoyed our short trip. nanti we plan for something more exciting when you'll older to understand long distance holidays :) First borns are always special kan? The one who makes you a mommy in the first place. The first #momazing moments of my life, the one who taught mommy to become one.

Till then,


Mommy Zahra

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