Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busy nau gamaknya..busy kerr?

Assalamualaikum kawan2 :)
It's Thursday! Yeay!!!

So, what's up? apa cerita hari ni. Busy lately, nak menyembang pun xsempat. Sempatlah menyampuk sepatah dua kata dlm WA group, mcm tu jelah. Busy with crazee projects with crazee deadlines. Mcm biasa. February pun dh masuk ari ke 12. Kita apa pun xbuat lagi utk tahun ni punya targets. 

Next week will be the CNY holidays! yippee yay yay! Plan asalnya nk kelik klate, tapi sb dh blk emergency awal bln aritu, most probably next trip will be next March la plak kan. Berhabis duit nak balik slalu. And this year's target is for minimalis spending. Yups! Astro pun dh potong only for basics. so yeah... first step done! 60% penjimatan. Next maybe we'll see what to do with Amsyar's potty training :) Diaperless means rm100 penjimatan lg yeahhh! Small portions when totaled up sums quite a lot ya? At this stage the phase is already 75% completion for amsyar. So the target is 36mths old. And we'll still 2.5mths away :)

So talking about CNY, the plan B is a retreat in PD with my family..yes my side! Yeay. As for the last minute change, almost all hotels and resorts are already full booked! and an apartment i finally managed to book declined the well yesterday! Gila!
Marah betul aku..but what to do..deposits was returned but the damage? adoi. Moga ada lah rezeki nk book another place with our budgets. My aunt and mom are all coming to gather, and my cousins already secured their accomodations. sigh. worst come to worst balik tido sepang jelah kan...50 km away je from PD...hewhewhew. nak wat gane...

So doalah dpt tempat tido yg ok dgn bajet ciput ini. jom mencari lagikkkkkk!

Nak dijadikan cerita, our persona after the alternator change, we refreshed the ECU setting, and the babe is running really smoothly. Latest achievement was 35L for 520km! which is from pasirmas to saujana putra! Hows that for a start. and i noticed few things such as the rpm was only at 2500 and lower at 90kph so thats great. and booming noise was only at 3500rpm at 140kph. Err ok..too much numbers for a mommy blog isn't it? hahaha. Yada yada and the most nice thing is that the horn came back to life again after fusely inactivated for errr 4yrs. Nice baby you are black beauty. Thank you Allah for this rezeki :)

I had to drive myself back and forth to our 2nd office in Cyberjaya for our design review, and alhmdulillah -rm10  worth of petrol is enough :) Baguih dok ada la..loni.. :) Nice office they have there u know. On the 18th floor, the view was nice :) But to stay there..that's a complete different idea. Sorry but staying in the middle of cyberjaya (Shaftsbury Square) where lunch is mahal oi..and the stress level is 150%. Tidak lah kot :) If im needed then ill come bolehlaa.. eight.

Have a nice weekend to come peeps! Ada yang bercuti sambung 10 hari kan? Bagusnyaaa..syokk. sekali sekala kan? :) We have nice plans arini...nanti kita update. A small pre-birthday treat to lil Iman actually and to utilize some vouchers mommy got from One City :) Yeay! Bestkan free stuff..pernah tgk extreme couponing kat astro? Ahahaha..sempat lg.

Ok lah..daaaaaa....
Byk kerja lom settle :)



Ps- Terbaca apa neena ni tulis pasal rezeki and suami. Siapa kita nk judge selayaknya la kan?Hehehe..apa neena ni tulis ada benarnya. Baca kat sini.


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