Friday, February 6, 2015

February : a little of everything in life

Assalamualaikum wbt lovelies :)

How's your day? Your week actually. Hopefully it was pleasant. Haven't got the chance to write as im so occupied these days. Today is my 1st day in the office for February.
We had to emergencily flee off back to Kelantan last Saturday when hubs mom called saying his grandma was already withering. Nazak. Bed ridden for 3years already she was ready to say good bye, mom said.

The journey this time was a bit different as our Kelantan trips before. Post 2014 flood, the route itself was full of sorrow. The water marks left on the houses and trees had permanently proven that the water level was no joke. We went back via Kuala Krai and Tanah Merah,the two districts badly destruction by the disaster. Pasirmas was involved too but not comparably same to the other two districts.

Unimaginably the water marks up as high as the tree tops with trash still stuck on some branches. Houses near to the river banks were swept away by the strong current. Some halfly destroyed and some were quite lucky to have everything in one piece,but nothing inside was usable again. A month after, a whole bunch were still living in tents, houses still yellow from the murky water. My heart ached seeing all the damages, i cant hold my tears. Everyone in the car was emotionally structed, even iman. Cars slowed down watching the drama like scene of what the flood had left. A small tsunami indeed, so horrible and devastating.

Help came in bundles, but still didn't reached all. I just tried to help what i could that i bought whatever they sold along our way. We dropped by a small supermarket in Tanah Merah to buy some food on the way back, and most items still good but was underwater were sold half priced. Items like canned drink and imperishables like soap, deoderant and detergent. It was just devastating. Even 7E Tanah merah was still closed. 

Grandma's health was deteriorating, indeed. As expected she was much happier to see all of us. But there's a believe that people who are sick for a long time and then out of a sudden is back to pink, is a small sign of departing. But we had to return back to our work, our life sustenance source with all the sorrow filling our hearts. The time has not yet come. and it will come for sure. For everyone.

It had been a long sad journey exhausting everything from all four of us emotionally. A dying grandma, a dead city. I am just too tired to digest all these.

Yet, rezeki Allah itu pasti. Alhmdulillah with cash vouchers from zalora and 50% discount on spare parts for our sick persona, the beginning of 2015 was not really that bad. Inshallah everything will turn around nicely and according to the best he bestowed upon us.

Have a nice February!

February marks my 7th work-anniversary in P1. Alhmdulillah. Now I'm in my 8th year :)
2 years more in the industry to move on :) 2 years more to help being the change agent.



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