Friday, February 27, 2015

School Celebration!

Its February the 27th!
Last day of school for February! So it's Birthday Day! :)

Mommy mmg xsempat nak pack goody bags for everybody (and i regret it!) So we pack for Iman's classmates sahaja :) Hopefully they'll enjoy it. Bad mom kan? Busy memanjang.. I even just store bought the cake. Well, next year inshallah we'll improve on that :) 

NINJA CHOC CAKE from King's Confectionery :)

Happy happy always my dearest son! February will always be a special month for me (work anniversary! and mom-anniversary for mommy!) Thank you Iman for the many many #momazing moments you've gave me!

Mommy always dream of you becoming a such wonderful man. So much traits u got from me which some does not really amuses me! Haha. You'll always be a lil version of me, just i hope a better one!

Well, February had already took a toll out of me this time. Come on Zahra! Positive!!!!
Mommy needs new motivation! The self motivated zahra seems to dim out of me already! Alhmdulillah rezeki Allah is in many ways. I need to improve myself more to become a rezeqi magnet. My mission this year inshallah!

 ps- Stressed out yesterday, i ordered two shoes from #Zalora COD yesterday. Fuhhhh..bagus betul retail theraphy gini. Pas meeting terus boleh shop and click!


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