Monday, February 16, 2015

Resipi laksam cara Njang saya :)

Morning galssss!

Have you had your breakfast?
Monday morning is always so..err mood affected. so let's share some recipe.

First of all, my njang (aunty) is a great cook. She's my mom's elder sister and looks just like her :) I should b collecting her recipes by now before she forgets most of them ;) I remembered when I was little she even makes her own bedak sejuk (traditional masker) :)

So let's do this..

Laksam (The pasta)

1 cwn tepung gandum
1 cwn tepung beras
2sb tepung jagung
2sb minyak masak
1sk garam

Whisk and tapis.
Steam on an oiled pan for about 2-3 mins until color become slightly opaque :) Make sure the heat is set high.

Roll n cut. :)

The Kuah lemak (Fish gravy) on the other hand is my own resipe. (Hentam kromo). 
So let it be for another time :) Main ingredient : Fish(i use kembong), red onions, halia sikit, blackpepper, aaaaaaaaaaaand of course santan! 

Serve with raw salad : kacang, timun, kobis, taugeh, bunga kantan chopped.
And also a dollop of sambal merah and belacan.

Have a nice day peeps!


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