Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wishes for 2015

There are many things I wanted in life and up till today some I already had achieved. I try to set realistic goals but some of the too good-to-be-trues are soo tempting we still want to count them in. 2015 will be much exciting to anticipate. Walking for my 8th year career by early of the year, my 5th anniversary by the midyear and some exciting plans before the year ends, I have so much to look forward into.

As both boys will be attending pre-school next year, i really hope we can do more weekend homeschooling activities. As precious as time is, their innocence will not stay forever and I'm running out of the golden yrs faster than i realize. Basic plans - more cooking activity interactions and more book reading sessions inshallah. So far one storybook per night for bedtime is going on, consistently. I just wish I could spend more time before my cuddly teddy bears transform into 2 handsome lil men.

Let the flow flows and the wind blows, let Iman be what he likes to be. Of course with a watchful mommy's eyes. May both of them memorize the goodness and differentiate the bad out of it and love and be kind and gentle. And learnt more next year.Inshallah.


By year, hopes for Proton escalates fast down the sewage. Personally I love it here, the working freedom which enables you to learn things fast and in depth. There's not really a limit to what you can or cannot do, as long as the idea works. Some say its a nesting comfort zone. I'm not in denial but design work here is no comfort zone to me. Challenges are by daily basis but I still need to find the reasonings of the hardships endured related to the pay.

For 2015, I have laid big plans for our nest, our home. Long terms and of course short terms plans. Some improvement will do. I'm not looking for luxury, and home deco is not for the other people to see. So I do not need plaster ceilings with down lights, or a porch that fits 7cars. But I envision a garden w bunnies, a small pond with little fishes and some nice smelling flowers around it. I fancy white picket fences but hubs is against it. Maybe we'll have a mini white picket fence instead :) and some nice swings too.We'll see how kind 2015 will do for us. Inshallah.

I wish to be more humbled and kind this coming year. Working in a men's world had withered a good woman's value out of me. I wish to help more people out and give more in. And maybe try to find a volunteering work to do with the kids. I wish to inspire the people around me to change and improve especially those staying at same stage day after day, year after year. And most of all I wish to complaint less and do more and leave the rest to Allah as he is The Most Adil and The Most Merciful subhanallah.

No plans for new cars, no plans for a new home. Just simple plans and wishes from a humble zahra to be :)


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ieza said...

almost 8 taun dah? sighhh ahaha seriously didn't noticed that long hehe... tringat first day induction kat proton n i still miss my time kat proton with all beloved friends n bosses, seriously it was the best time i ever had =)

Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Tahun ke 8 dh harizah. Aku, aizad n bad still here :p

ieza said...

jangan dilupa enoch hahahaha


jom terjah :)
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